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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

If your automatic monthly credit card payment cannot be processed for any reason you take the risk of having your service interrupted, suspended or closed.

To avoid any interruption of service or late fees please make sure your credit card information is accurate and that funds are available. To update your credit card, simply call us 832-582-3846 to provide your new credit card information

1.Prodigy Phone will make multiple attempts to charge any credit card that fails payment. If after repeated attempts a payment cannot be collected, your account is subject to a late fee of up to $15.00
2.To avoid late fees it is important to make sure that all of your credit card information (including expiration date) is accurate. Just call Us 832-582-3846
New service and service additions (adding ports, features, numbers, etc...) are usually activated within minutes.  In some situations, some services or features may not be immediately available, and activation times vary.
Transferring a phone number to Prodigy Phone generally takes 2 to 4 weeks. This time depends mostly on the accuracy of the information you provide, and the process time of the carrier releasing the phone number.

Transferring a phone number to Prodigy Phone typically takes 5 to 10 business days.  However it can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the service location, and the releasing carriers response time.

Transfer time will depend greatly on the accuracy of the information you provide, so be sure to fill out your LNP request form as accurately and completely as possible to avoid delays.

Yes, it is possible.  It will depend on the country the number belongs to as well as the carrier that will be releasing the phone number.  

Yes.We can transfer local, toll free and in some cases international phone numbers.

1. To begin, let us know what number you wish to have transferred, and we will check to see if that number is transferable.
2. Once we have verified that your phone number is transferable, simply send us your last Bill Signed and fill-out our Local Number Porting form detailing your name, service address, and billing telephone number and return it to us to continue your transfer request.
3. Once the request has been processed, you will be notified via email of all status changes.
All you need is a high-speed internet connection, and an IP Phone. Soft Phones (a software program that functions as a telephone) may be used in conjunction with a computer.
1.Your current account must be active and in good standing with your existing provider. There may not be a line freeze or a pending order on your existing phone.

2.You will need to provide Prodigy Phone with the exact Name, Service Address, and Billing Telephone Number (BTN) on record with your current provider, including any capitalization, punctuation and/or abbreviations.
1.If we cannot transfer your number you may elect to get a new number in your area or elsewhere.
2.There are several reasons that may cause a failure to your transfer request. Here are some more common problems:
1.Number is not within our service area for transfers
2.Name and Address mismatch or invalid - Your number information must match exactly what your previous carrier has on their Record. If it does not match exactly, they will reject our request.
3.Billing Telephone Number is incorrect - Your Billing Telephone Number must match exactly what your previous carrier has on their bill. If it does not match exactly, they will reject our request.

Please remember that 911 lines are reserved for emergency calls only.  
Here are some reasons you might call 911:

To report a crime in progress, 
To report a fire
To request medical assistance or to request an ambulance. 


A monthly fee of $2.00 applies for most all business and call center service types that require 911 service activation. The 911 cost recovery fee is charged per 911/e911 registered location/phone number on your account. Prodigy Phone is required to provide 911 service by the Federal Government and this is an Prodigy Phone imposed fee to recover costs associated with providing this capability.
If you have any questions regarding e911, please contact us at + (832)582-3846

Emergency information is not automatically associated with your physical address; this is something that send us with your new location to keep updated in our system. Therefore, if you move your analog telephone adapter (ATA), you must update your account or 911 emergency operators will receive the wrong information when you call.

Please note that 911 service may not be available depending on where you travel to, or it might not be be able to receive your 911 information automatically.

VoIP is totally dependent on your broadband connectivity.  Therefore, if the power goes out, the equipment that supplies your broadband internet connection stops working.  This also means that your VoIP phone service will not be functional, including your ability to dial 911.

Here are some things you can do to make sure you have access to 911 when you need it:

  • Purchase and install an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This device stores backup battery power that your broadband devices can use if the power goes out. There is a limit to how long the backup power will last, so keep that in mind when choosing a UPS.
  • Use your land-line to call 911. If you have a secondary phone line from your local phone company, you can use that to call 911, even if the power is out. 
  • Your cell phone can also be used to call 911 in an emergency. 

Whether your system is unavailable or you are experiencing an Internet or power outage, Prodigy Phone offers you the option to redirect the incoming calls to your DID numbers to any location where you can take the call, for example like your cell phone.


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